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2018   Beautiful Rose of America

song list

Gypsy Woman/What did I do wrong?/Beautiful Rose of America/John Hardy Trad. /I saw her on the Freeway/Life is a Burning Hell/There were Times.../You will be Loved/The No War song/Havana Bluez/We stand for Peace    CD US $ 15.00

2018    Acoustics

song list

Ragged Times/Thinking about You/I had to go this way/Country Bluez # 1/Havana Bluez/Amelia/Looking for a home/Lady & Laird of John O’Groats Hanke/I will remember You/Sundown      CD US $ 15.00   


2018   ridin' 'n' slidin’

song list

slidin’ ‘long the road/I don’t know if I should come/Are you coming home with me tonight?/Slidin’ while Ridin’/will you still remember me when am dead and gone?/Ridin’ ’n’ Slidin’/Sowwah Island Blues/I don’t eat that much anymore…/Time will come…/Sliding #1     CD US $ 15.00   


2011  Slidin’ ‘long the Road   single

song list

slidin’ ‘long the road    1 song  US $ 1.25

2011  will you still remember me when am dead and gone?   single

song list

will you still remember me when am dead and gone?    1 song  US $ 1.25   


2010   will see you again…

song list

GodSpeed/Sowwah Island Blues/My Song for You/L.A. I love you/Song for Judith/Scottsdale/Bom Dia Curitiba/Let’s Dance the Night Away/The Power of Neda Salehi/Texas here I come        CD  US $ 15.00


Music Lead Sheets

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will see you again…  album

GodSpeed  US $ 6.90       4 pages | Chords & Tabs | Mandolin 1 | Mandolin 2 | Guitar Interlude | Lead Sheet

Sowwah Island Blues  US $ 6.50        3 pages | Chords & Tabs | Guitar 1 | Guitar 2 | Lead Sheet

L.A. I love you  piano part intro (appr. 2.5 min.)   US $ 5.50         1 page | lead sheet




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