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I play John D’Addario, Pro Arté Classical Guitar strings, Elixir Nanoweb Medium .013 -.056 Phosphor Bronze and Martin Acousitc SP Phosphor Bronze .013 -.056 strings, depending on the guitar.

Capodaster G7th, Paige and Shubb, it also depends on the guitar I play...

As my main guitars I currently play a twin set, 6- and 12-string guitars of the 'Ed Gerhard' model of Breedlove Guitar Company in Oregon/USA, which was custom made for me. Additionally I also play a 1960’s Gibson Hummingbird,  a Sigma 000M-1ST-SB Guitar, a Sigma Dreadnought DM-1ST-SB Guitar and a Gold Tone OT-800 and a BC-350 open back 5-string banjo, most of these instruments are  long time companions of me. When being on the road I use the Sigma and Squier guitars, because too many great guitars “disappeared" while traveling...

As electric guitars I use for slide a Squier Telecaster classic vibe China made, (changed the pick ups), Fender Telecaster Mexico & US made and Fender Stratocaster Mexico & US made, a Heritage H-150 Solid Body, a Heritage H-137 Solid Body, a Heritage H-535 Semi-Hollow Body with 2 Seymor Duncan humbucker pick-ups, a Gibson Les Paul ’60s Tribute with 2 P90 pick-ups.

In general I prefer to play pure acoustic and use three mics for that, for the guitar I use two KSM32 microphones, for the voice I use an extra mic, a Shure SM 58 will do perfectly and is great for the road. On stage the Shure SM 58 is a very good companion too. These mics are not expensive.

There are many combinations to make the guitar sound pure acoustic, you should experiment a little and then find the combination you like most for yourself and your audiences. 

I work with a Mackie Mix 8 or Mix 12FX for premix before I send the sound to the house technician. I use just a little reverb effect. 

I experimented with many pre-amps, effects, pick-up systems etc., but didn’t get the acoustic sound I wanted to have, so I tried the pure acoustic way and it works for me and my music, this doesn’t mean it will work for you too, maybe you have different priorities. You need to go with what is familiar to you, what matters most is that you like the product and you feel comfortable with, not what brand it is. The only pick-up system installed in some of my guitars is a simple 'B-Bend' system, for me it sounds the most natural… in my Sigma guitars I use a 'Fishman Rare Earth' pick up. In one of my Weissenborn (copy) guitars, a Gold Tone, I have a 'LR Baggs' pick-up installed, if needed, I sometimes put a ‘Sunrise' pick-up temporarely in the soundhole of the Gibson Hummingbird guitar, but no permanent fixing. It hurts me to drill a hole in a Master-Built guitar…, however, you might see it different...

I also made very good experience with a Fishman Rare Earth pick-up system, this one brings a great natural sound too, but as mentioned before, it is all up to you and what kind of sound you like to have for your guitar… I always search for the best natural sounding one…

I often use a 'Fishman Loudbox Mini Pro-LBX-500' 60 Watt or an 'Acoustics A40 Guitar Combo Amp' with 40 Watt for small venues or house concerts and an 'Acoustic A1000 2x50W Stereo Guitar Combo Amp' for bigger venues.This amp has bluetooth connectivity. I also have an old 'Crate 125D' acoustic amp which is loud but also gives a pretty natural acoustic tone, really like this old amp. I have also an old 'David' model from Schertler in use.


the tunings are written from low E string (6th) to high E string (1st) |

I often play in open tunings, preferred tunings are open D tuning, open G tuning, open C tuning, further on DADGAD as well as Dropped D and standard tuning of course.

standard tuning

E | A | D | G | B | E

dropped D tuning

D | A | D | G | B | E

open D tuning

D | A | D | F# | A | D

open G tuning   

D | G | D | G | B | D

open C tuning

C | G | C | G | C | E           | C is the root note | G the 5th and E the major 3rd |

DADGAD tuning

D | A | D | G | A | D

E | E | E | E | B | E         | Stephen Stills used this tuning for his song 4+20 and Suite Judy Blue Eyes |

open E tuning

E | H | E | G# | H | E

open A tuning

E | A | E | A | C# | E

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