nice to see you here, this is the original website of JD Hanke, singer/songwriter, performing artist, producer, teacher and touring musician.

Here you will find some information about JD Hanke and his work, the music, some teaching lesson and videos of “how I play the guitar” (coming soon).

To be updated about JD Hanke you can check the "message board” page with updated information about touring and concert schedules as well as new CD pre-release/release dates etc. 

You can also download the JD Hanke mobile App for free at www.reverbnation.com/jdhanke, at the iTunes Store or at the shop button on the JD Hanke - WhiteWolf Records Facebook page, you will find direct links to these websites at the "contact" page.

Please note that you can buy JD's CD's via digital download (recommended, it's the fastest and cheapest way) on all major music sites like  iTunes | amazon| spotify | napster | nokia | etc.

Simply search for JD Hanke, J.D. Hanke or jdhanke and you will be guided to his music for download.

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JD Hanke

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JD Hanke

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